What are some the reasons a facelift could be your solution to facial rejuvenation?

You Look Tired All The Time

As we age, skin loses tone and elasticity. Even though you may feel as energetic and interested in life as ever, your appearance can suggest something entirely different. Perhaps you’ve had people ask you one too many times if you’re feeling well, or received subtle hints that you’re being left out of things because it’s assumed that you don’t have the energy to be part of them.

Your Career Is Stalled

Whether it’s fair or not, there tends to be an assumption that a more youthful candidate can be expected to bring more energy and longevity to a position. If you feel you are being held back and having trouble even getting your foot in the door in employment because you appear to be older, a facelift may make sense in a competitive job market.

Your Chin Is Disappearing

Do you feel that your neck and chin have lost youthful definition? Fat or loose skin in the area can obscure the clean lines that your face had in your younger years and looking at yourself in the mirror you may feel that your face looks older than what you want to present to the world.

Very Deep Wrinkles

Facial muscles become weaker as time passes. The collagen that is a major factor in the firm, rounded appearance of a youthful face, stops being produced at the same level as you age. The resulting excess skin may be more than a dermal injection can successfully treat. If you are troubled by this aspect of your appearance, a facelift may be the best option.

Lasting Results

The improvements that you can achieve from a facelift can last a decade or more. If you’re not interested in making regular trips to your cosmetic surgeon for touch-up injections or other procedures, a facelift offers you the ability to have lasting facial rejuvenation. As with any cosmetic surgery, the length of time the improvements last will be affected by factors including your facial structure, the issues that were corrected, and the type of surgery performed. Your PPSD physician will help you understand what to expect in long-term results.

Double Chin

Even after taking proactive steps to lose weight, you may be unable to do anything about a double chin – even when the rest of your body is trim. If you feel this aspect of your appearance is so prominent and noticeable that it can’t be overcome by your exercise and diet, a facelift can fully resolve these issues.

Your Face Does Not Match The “Real You”

There’s nothing worse than being unable to shake the feeling that your appearance has become so out of sync with what you feel inside that almost no one can see the real you anymore. You may or may not have seen something here that describes exactly how you feel, but basic unhappiness in an aging facial appearance is at the root of most decisions to pursue facelift surgery.

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