As the science of anti-aging has rapidly evolved, scientists have discovered that when injected into the skin, dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid can brilliantly restore elasticity, suppleness and resilience. Restylane is one of the most exciting new soft tissue fillers that deliver this innovative technology. Not only does it lift, plump, and invigorate sunken cheeks, Restylane has also proven ideal for augmenting and volumizing the lips.

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Benefits of Restylane

  • Lubrication of skin cells with naturally occurring hyaluronic acid
  • Hypoallergenic, free from all animal products and toxins
  • Non-surgical, non-invasive “liquid facelift”
  • Safe, effective and proven, with over 27 million satisfied patients
  • Approved for use in the lips, eyes, chin, cheeks and nasolabial folds
  • Effective in treating very fine lines and superficial wrinkles
  • Reversal of skin laxity and thinning soft tissue
  • Appropriate for all skin tones and textures
  • May be combined with other injectables as part of a more comprehensive regimen
  • Long-lasting results, up to one year

Placing Your Skincare In The Hands Of A Trusted Professional

Skincare is both a science and an art. When you place your skin in the capable hands of a PPSD professional, you guarantee the highest quality of personal attention coupled with extensive training and experience. This union of humanity and skill translates into truly outstanding results. Our PPSD NC Restylane physicians pursue a subtle, conservative approach that preserves spontaneity in the facial muscles, effortlessly accentuating your innate, all-natural beauty.

We welcome patients from all over the Charlotte, NC area, including the nearby cities of Shelby, Gastonia, Hickory, Denver, Huntersville, and Forest City, as well as out-of-state and international patients. Your procedure begins with a confidential consultation in the warmth and comfort of our immaculate office suites, where your doctor will discuss your goals in detail.

After reviewing your medical records, prior surgeries, and treatments, and understanding your concerns, he or she will make the best recommendation for moving forward. At this juncture, before and after photos are a wonderful tool for aligning doctor and patient expectations.

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Details of the
Restylane Procedure

Rather than follow a generic manufacturer’s chart, your doctor will hand-select the injection points for an outcome most customized to your needs. He or she will use a cosmetic stylus to strategically mark the treatment site before numbing the area with a local anesthetic. With expert precision, the surgeon will administer your Restylane injections in the space a few seconds. Most patients are surprised to be in and out of the office in less than 30 minutes in total.

What Can I Expect Post-Injection?

For those patients experiencing any soreness or discomfort after their injection, ice packs can be gently applied to the treatment site. Although patients may return to normal activities immediately, it’s best to avoid touching your face or lips for at least 24 hours. If any questions arise during your recovery, the PPSD team is standing by to assist you, so don’t hesitate to call us.

Your Restylane results can be enjoyed right away, and will continue for several months. To maintain the improvement in your skin, your doctor may recommend additional treatments during routinely scheduled follow up visits.

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What Is Restylane?

Restylane is unique, in that it is a non-animal-fat hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a clear, sugary, slightly gooey substance that occurs in the body naturally, serving to lubricate joints, as well as other important body systems. The acid has unique capabilities – it can carry up to 1,000 times its weight in water, and has long been recognized for its “plumping” ability.

The Restylane product is a biodegradable gel, and as it is not animal-based, it comes with notable advantages. It was formulated to be identical to the hyaluronic acid that is present naturally in human skin. The size of the particles in the specific Restylane product used in your treatment will be appropriate for the skin condition being addressed.

Is Restylane Right for Me?

Are you tired of seeing those fines lines and grooves in your facial skin, giving your face a tired, weary or older appearance? Have you developed crow’s feet, lines around your mouth, or creases in your cheeks? If you would like to restore a more youthful look to your face, this injectable products could be very effective. As the treatment takes only a few short minutes, and requires no incisions or the need for the removal of tissue, it is rare that a patient will not be considered a good candidate for the treatment, although there are a few exceptions.

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We Care For The Health Of Our Patients

Every patient is fully evaluated prior to any treatment, and our Restylane physicians and dermatologists in Charlotte, Gastonia, Belmont, Hickory, and other surrounding cities always hold your health as our top priority. It is advised that Restylane treatments be administered by a medical professional, rather than in a spa environment. It is generally considered important to hold off on these treatments until you reach 18 years of age, as the facial structure changes throughout the adolescent years. The results of your facial filler injections will be obvious almost immediately.

You may experience some slight swelling or redness at the injection sites, but this diminishes quickly. Any side effects usually disappear within a few days. Both products are FDA approved, and deemed safe by that agency. Various formulations of these two products will be appropriate for different sites and conditions of the facial skin, and your treatment plan will be completely customized. Maintaining a natural look with injectable fillers is when the art of the treatment comes into play. We understand facial structure, and how to use these injectable fillers to create a natural, younger, fresher appearance.

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What is Restylane Lyft?

As we age and our faces lose volume, some of us begin to look for ways to regain more definition in our cheeks without surgery. Formerly known as Perlane, Restylane Lyft is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel used to treat wrinkles and correct volume loss in the face. Restylane Lyft is FDA approved, nonsurgical option indicated for restoring fullness to the cheeks and adding volume to correct and smooth smile lines (nasolabial folds). With its larger molecule formulation, Restylane Lyft is ideal for deeper injections.


Restylane Lyft

What Is Restylane® Silk?

Restylane® Silk is FDA-approved product specifically designed for lip augmentation and the smoothing of wrinkles around the mouth in patients 21 years of age and older.

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The Lips You Want

Silkier, smoother, natural-looking lips, Finally, a filler that can help you achieve your ideal lips.


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What Can I Expect Post-Injection?

The most commonly observed side effects are swelling, redness, pain, bruising, headache, tenderness, lump formation, and itching at the injection site. These are typically mild in severity and typically resolve in less than 7 days in nasolabial folds and less than 14 days in lips. Serious but rare side effects include delayed onset infections, recurrence of herpetic eruptions, and superficial necrosis at the injection site.

One of the risks with using this product is unintentional injection into a blood vessel. The chances of this happening are very small, but if it does happen, the complications can be serious, and may be permanent. These complications, which have been reported for facial injections, can include vision abnormalities, blindness, stroke, temporary scabs, or permanent scarring of the skin.

As with all skin injection procedures, there is a risk of infection.

Volume Out, Contour In…Introducing Restylane Contour, The Newest FDA-Approved Cheek Filler

Announcing a new addition to the growing Restylane family of fillers, as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Restylane Contour, a hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler for cheek augmentation and the correction of midface contour deficiencies. We know many patients are looking for ways to maintain a youthful-looking appearance, and although cheeks are the cornerstone of the face,2 they are the first area to show signs of aging, losing shape, and elasticity, most notably in the midface. Restylane Contour was specifically designed to address this common concern, resulting in dynamic contouring to help amplify your natural beauty, starting with the cheeks. Restylane Contour is Galderma’s first and only cheek filler formulated with Galderma’s proprietary XpresHAn Technology, giving you a natural and dynamic look.  The technology uses a unique manufacturing process, resulting in a smooth, injectable gel that integrates into your skin for results that still allow for your natural expression in motion.

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What You Can Expect With Restylane Contour

  • Satisfaction with cheek contour (96% of patients* at 48 weeks)9†‡
  • 9 out of 10 patients* saw fantastic results when treated with Restylane Contour at 12 weeks9§

Developed by leading innovators in the HA filler market, Restylane Contour delivers a treatment you can trust with results that last.1. Schedule your free cosmetic consultation today.

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