Through a combined strategy of skin scraping and cellular refinishing, dermabrasion and dermplaning work to combat facial unevenness, leaving the complexion beautifully, naturally, blemish-free. In addition, these innovative procedures can target the age-related wrinkles and fine lines that accumulate around the mouth.

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Benefits of Dermabrasion Include:

  • Safe and non-surgical
  • Non-chemical
  • Can be used to treat a small area or the entire face
  • Works in conjunction with other skincare procedures such as chemical peels
  • Helps the skin to better absorb healing creams and serums
  • Appropriate for both younger and older patients
  • Versatile, corrects a wide range of surface irregularities
  • Highly precise and accurate

A Good Candidate for Dermabrasion…

  • Suffers from acne scars, but does not currently have acne
  • Struggles with enlarged pores and/or the effect of sun damage
  • Is not prone to rashes, allergic reactions or cold sores
  • Has not previously received radiation treatments
  • Is in good health, both mentally and physically
  • Understands that treatment will bring improvement rather than perfection

How does Dermabrasion Work?

The procedure is performed at an accredited outpatient facility in Charlotte, Gastonia, or Hickory under local anesthesia/twilight sedation and typically lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. During dermabrasion treatment, your doctor will scrape the outer skin layers with either a motorized wire-toothed brush or a diamond-surfaced burr. The skin is gradually refinished to the deepest level at which scarring becomes inconspicuous.

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Why Should I Choose a Board Certified Surgeon Or Dermatologist for This Procedure?

Dermabrasion is a delicate procedure requiring an exceptional eye and steady hand, as well as an evolved aesthetic sensibility. At PPSD, every one of our plastic surgeons and dermatologists are highly trained, experienced professionals who strive to offer safe, ethical and effective skincare on a personalized basis. Your treatment begins with a confidential consultation in one of our beautiful NC based offices where you will meet with your doctor to discuss your goals and expectations for improvement.

He or she will go over your medical records and previous surgeries, examine your face, and help you to explore our vast library of stunning before and after photos.

This is a great time to ask questions and voice concerns. The doctor can also recommend additional facial treatments that may work to enhance the results of dermabrasion.

What can I Expect from Recovery?

Your skin will initially be swollen and discolored, and it may temporarily be a challenge to eat or drink. Itching, tenderness, tingling and burning are all common side effects of dermabrasion, although these can be greatly reduced with the ingestion of pain medications prescribed by your doctor. Most of these symptoms will evaporate within several days and are no cause for alarm.

Just as with a scrape, the skin will initially form a scab, but this will give way to another layer of skin that is brilliantly refreshed and pock-free. Soothing ointments will help minimize any discomfort during this process. Your doctor will provide detailed aftercare instructions, including a timeline for returning to exercise, work, sun exposure, and if you are male, shaving. As always, if you have any questions, our PPSD team is standing by to assist you day or night.

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