During your Brazilian butt lift in Charlotte, Gastonia, Shelby, Hickory, Lake Norman and surrounding cities, healthy, purified fat cells obtained through liposuction from the abdomen, back or hips are used to plump and volumize the upper buttocks, which are then sculpted to reflect the patient’s wishes. Fat transfer is often performed in conjunction with a tummy tuck or breast implant surgery for a more comprehensive body makeover.

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Why Choose PPSD?

All plastic surgeons here at PPSD are board-certified, fellowship-trained, and in possession of both the skill and artistry necessary to produce outstanding results in body contouring. This means that your doctor is keenly aware of the correct waist-hip ratios that constitute the most attractive female proportions. One glance at our phenomenal before and after photographs will verify that every procedure is uniquely suited to the patient’s body type, producing an organic, nuanced outcome you won’t find elsewhere. During your initial consultation with your doctor, it will be determined what area of the body is the best candidate for donating fat cells to the buttocks. In rare cases where the patient lacks the necessary body fat to create the graft, additional options such as buttock implants may be discussed. Your surgeon will then create a detailed treatment plan so that you know exactly what to expect from start to finish. At PPSD, we put a high premium on transparency and kindness, and find that these qualities allow patients to move forward with excitement rather than apprehension.

Meet Our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons

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During The Procedure

We perform outpatient Brazilian butt lift in Charlotte, Gastonia, Shelby, Hickory, Lake Norman and surrounding cities. Patients receive general anesthesia at one of our immaculate, state-of-the-art AAAASF-accredited surgical centers and can expect the procedure to last between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the complexity of their needs. The first step in Brazilian butt lift surgery is to appropriate donor fat cells from another area of the body via liposuction.

The fat deposits can be chosen from the abdomen, hips, back or flanks, providing the secondary benefit of reshaping and slimming these areas. Next, the fat cells are treated and processed to remove impurities and ready them for transfer to the buttocks. The last step is the most time-consuming. Here, the surgeon creates inconspicuous incisions at the gluteal creases through which the donor fat is grafted onto the butt in meticulously precise layers, working from the deepest muscles up towards the outermost skin. Throughout, the doctor is careful to preserve symmetry and create a pleasing overall aesthetic. Finally, the incisions are closed with sutures and covered with surgical dressing.

Recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift

Following surgery, Charlotte, Gastonia, Shelby, Hickory, Lake Norman and surrounding cities patients will receive a detailed, individualized aftercare plan along with any necessary pain medications. Soreness, stiffness and bruising are all normal and to be expected. These discomforts will slowly dissipate as healing progresses. The doctor may recommend that a compression garment be worn for up to six weeks in order to facilitate the best outcome.

In general, patients can expect to return to work within a week or so, and can resume their full exercise routine within a month. Long periods of sitting are discouraged at first, and patients should make an effort to move their bodies frequently in order to promote circulation and avoid clotting in the legs.

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