Sculptra Aesthetic The Collagen-Boosting “Fountain-Of-Youth”

While a facelift can provide broad-sweeping results in terms of toning and smoothing the skin, there are certain areas such as the temples, cheeks and jowls that require a more precise, nuanced approach to adequately address the negative effects of aging.

Furthermore, surgery cannot compensate for the skin’s loss of volume and elasticity, which typically occurs due to internal changes in our molecular makeup, rather than in response to external forces. 

As we mature, our body produces far less collagen, an important compound that keeps our skin looking youthful and supple. Sculptra Aesthetic is a powerful dermal filler that actively combats sagging, hollowed contours and depleted profiles. The power of Sculptra lies in its critical ingredient, poly-L-lactic acid, which stimulates the body to regrow collagen. The best part about Sculptra is that it takes mere seconds to inject. Clients can undergo treatment during their lunch break and be back in the office 20 minutes later.

Benefits of Sculptra:

  • Safe and effective, FDA-approved since 2004
  • Non-invasive, non-surgical and hypoallergenic
  • Formulated to plump and volumize the temples and cheeks
  • Triggers the body to replace collagen, enhancing the skin’s thickness
  • Minimal discomfort and downtime
  • Approved for use in combination with other injectables
  • Gradual, natural changes
  • Long-lasting results for up to two years

Choosing the Best Skincare Specialists In North Carolina

As one of the leading integrated skincare practices in the nation, PPSD remains at the forefront of the anti-aging revolution, bringing you the most advanced breakthroughs in cosmetic science along with personalized, compassionate care. Our team of board-certified surgeons and dermatologists specialize in delivering outstanding outcomes that never appear forced or exaggerated. This minimalist, subtle approach can be experienced by viewing our extensive library of before and after photos, procedural videos and winning testimonials. We invite you to make PPSD your preferred cosmetic skincare destination for life.

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Setting Up a Consultation

PPSD offers services in Charlotte, Gastonia, Shelby, Hickory, Lake Norman, and surrounding cities, but welcomes patients from all over the state of North Carolina and beyond. Before treatment, your doctor will meet with you in private to discuss your goals and to answer any questions in detail.

He or she will examine your medical records, past procedures, and formulate a treatment plan that best meets your needs. In order to fulfill your expectations for improvement, your doctor may recommend additional fillers and injectables to be administered in conjunction with Sculptra, such as those that better target the eyes and lips.

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What to Expect from Treatment

For maximum results, Sculptra patients receive on average three injections over the course of 10-12 weeks. With each treatment, the body’s collagen production is turbo-boosted, and over time a remarkable improvement in facial volume and wrinkle reduction is achieved.

Treatment takes place in one of our state-of-the-art outpatient facilities in Charlotte, NC or at one of our other facilities in Gastonia, Hickory or Shelby. Your doctor will numb the injection site with a topical anesthetic cream. An ultra thin needle is then used to administer Sculptra at strategic facial coordinates predetermined by your doctor during your consultation.

After Your Procedure

Sculptra patients can expect mild redness, swelling, bruising and tenderness at the injection sites, but these can be easily remedied with an ice pack and some ibuprofen. Your doctor will provide a clear aftercare plan upon discharge, and you are encouraged to call the office day or night should you have any questions during your recovery.

Unlike some of the other dermal fillers, results from Sculptra are more gradual, and may take up to three months to become fully apparent. Your doctor will recommend repeating the treatment several times, and with every additional injection, the face will appear fuller, firmer and more youthful. After this, results generally can be sustained for up to two years, making Sculptra one of the most cost-effective and long-lasting fillers on the market.

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